Fun for Kids and Adults from The Huffy Green Machine 2

When was the last time you came across a toy that both adults and kids can get hours of enjoyment from? If your kids own all of the toys in the house, then you haven’t tried a Huffy Green Machine 2. Actually, the Green Machine 2 was built primarily for kids, but there’s no reason for adults not to join in on the fun (as long as they can fit into the seat).

The Huffy Green Machine 2 is a tricycle designed with two smaller back wheels and a larger wheel up front. The front wheel is 20 inches in diameter. The tricycle accelerates through mechanical power from ‘pedal power’, with the driver working two pedals that are connected to a crankshaft. The trike also comes with a front disc brake, so the driver can easily slow down to a stop.

What’s different with the Green Machine 2 is that it allows the driver to ‘steer’ the back wheels through dual control columns. Aside from the added stability and maneuverability, the tricycle’s rear wheels also feature a wider, lower design, to reduce the chances of flipping or rolling. That means your child can easily maneuver the tricycle without getting into accidents.

The tricycle’s seat is also adjustable, so parents can probably easily adjust the seat so that they’ll fit into the Green Machine 2 when their turn to drive the trike down the street. This also means that the trike can adjust to kids’ growing sizes.

Huffy’s Green Machine 2 comes in different versions. Girls might appreciate a Green Machine 2 that comes in pink, with purple accents. Kids are also going to like the Green Machine H20, which has a water pistol mounted above its smaller, 16-inch front wheel. The smaller Green Machine H20 might seem like it’s for younger kids, but the trike’s adjustable seat ensures that older kids and even teens and adults can have lots of fun with it.

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