Great Toys for Toddlers and Little Kids: Wheely Bugs

The wide variety of toys available on the market these days means that you have a lot of choices when it comes to toys for toddlers and little kids. At these ages, it’s important for kids to get toys that help them enhance their motor skills and, in turn, their physical development. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find this kind of toys in this age of advanced technology.

If you’re looking for toys that can promote your child’s physical development, you might be interested in a Wheely Bug. A Wheely Bug is a ride-around toy by Australian designers. The toy has won various awards for its unique design and function and has received a lot of positive reviews from parents as well. Continue reading “Great Toys for Toddlers and Little Kids: Wheely Bugs”

Gift Ideas for Kids: Hexbugs

If your child is fond of insects or of small, handheld toys, then he might enjoy getting a Hexbug as a gift. Developed by Innovation First, Inc, Hexbugs are miniature toy robots that are designed as bugs and other small animals. These toys are designed with many features inspired through concepts of BEAM robotics. This technology allows Hexbugs to react to loud sounds and light pressure. Continue reading “Gift Ideas for Kids: Hexbugs”